Glow Glow

We met Pauline Baumberger from Glow Glow beginning of 2021 and she surprised us with all the positive energy and lightness she has. You can find her energy and no compromise in her wines, which are delicate and very joyful.

Pauline is a communication designer turned winemaker and back at our family winery since a bit more than two years. That's also when she seeded the idea of natural winemaking within our family and you can see and taste what grew from that. Pauline loves freshly picked flowers, working in our garden with Oma Elfriede, hosting dinner parties with friends. She is in love with and married to her favourite farmboy Jonas. Together they are renovating his family house in the Pfalz, so Pauline has a home in two different wine growing regions. Pauline loves finding smiles in everyday objects and situations. After harvest you will find her tasting our barrels everyday, as she is just learning from working with nature to become more patient. Pauline is always busy, always making plans which is why her favourite place in the world was The Orangerie with Monet's Nymphéas while living in Paris. It's the most calm public spot within the rush and vividness of the city. It's magical. You enter and suddenly everybody is captured by the room's tranquility. Like nature, it makes you feel humble. So she is happy to now be able to work at her today's favourite place in the world. And she loves Gamay.

Carl always knew that he wanted to be a winemaker. He has always been sure about that because he understood early on what kind of a gift it was: working with nature. He is almost finished with his viticulture and enology studies in Geisenheim, but he has learned most of the things outside of the classroom. But all the theoretical knowledge he brings with him is sown directly in the winery or begins to ferment. Not only is Carl good with everything that happens in nature, he's also a great musician. Most of the time that is left after working in the winery he spends in his room making music. Just for and by himself. Or skating. Or catching grapes. Or enjoying life. He is a pretty cool guy. The next project on his mind: cider from our apple trees behind the winery.

Very sponatously we shot a short video while we visited GLOW GLOW which you can see here:

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