Elias Hippert

Elias Hippert
Geisenheim, Rheingau, Germany

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Elias Hippert made his first cider when he was 17, during an internship at Weingut Peter Jakob Kühn in Rheingau. With encouragement from co-worker Alex Saltaren, and with plenty of ideas exchanged, Elias decided to make a cider with apples from a local orchard. 

Initially there was no plan to sell the cider, but news reached the ears of gastronomy figures such as Billy Wagner (Nobelhart und Schmutzig) and Holger Schwarz (Viniculture) and the project took off. 

Elias takes cider very seriously and sees it as a drink that can offer just as much complexity as wine made with grapes, despite being a little more rustic. We believe his cider shows that he is right!

Since beginning this journey, Elias has made cider not only from apples, but also from quince and pears. 

We first tasted the cider at Soupe Salon in summer 2023 (when Elias was 20) and were immediately impressed not only by the drink itself, but by Elias as a person. Dedicated and inspired, we’ve been eagerly awaiting his next step. 

In 2023 he founded his own winery in Kaub, Mittelrhein, together with his partner Luisa Hodbod. Their ideas and the wine samples we have tasted so far are very promising – we look forward to the first vintage in bottles!

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