OFF GRID was founded with the mission to share the wines that excite us: wines that come with a story and leave us with a lasting impression.

What started as a series of tastings in Daniel’s design studio slowly became a hub for experienced winelovers and first-time natural wine drinkers alike to try, talk and buy wine. 

Today we have the pleasure of sharing wines with you both online and in person, advising and supplying individuals as well as our growing gastronomy network across Germany.

Our wines range from easy-drinking on the terrace to unusual and unexpected wines that stir taste buds and spark conversation. We work directly with the majority of our producers, all of whom farm without pesticides or additives and take a holistic approach to winemaking, working together with nature and using minimal intervention in the cellar. 

For us, wine is also about community. Throughout this journey we have found ourselves connecting with inspiring guests, customers and producers, and engaging in exciting collaborations including limited edition wines which we have had the pleasure to co-create.

Welcome aboard, we hope you enjoy these wines as much as we do!

Philipp & Daniel


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