OFF GRID is a natural wine shop in Stuttgart, Germany, founded by Daniel Fels and Philipp von Lintel in late 2018.

Daniel and Philipp have been close friends since they studied design together. Their passion for wine, spirits and food brought them to Copenhagen on some point around 2014, specifically to legendary Restaurant Manfreds, where they got to know a style of cuisine and especially of wine both of them had never experienced before. A quest to discover natural wine began.

A few years later, the opportunity arose to host a series of tastings in the new studio space of Daniel and his partner Angela in Stuttgart. Sharing the idea of low intervention wine and offering a place for people in Stuttgart to experience it, was the starting point of OFF GRID. The growing interest and great reception lead to opening a small shop with a limited selection of wines in summer 2019.

In the meantime, Daniel and Philipp started to visit natural wine fairs such as RAW in Berlin and London, La Dive Bouteille in Saumur, Les Anonymes and Les Pénitentes in Angers and Salon BRUT(es) in Mulhouse.

The range of wines on offer has grown continuously and includes products from legendary winemakers as well as from lesser-known newcomers.

From 2019 onwards, they started to work directly with winemakers such as Mythopia in Switzerland, João Tavares de Pina in Portugal, Domaine Matassa, Patrick Bouju, Jean-Pierre Robinot and Eric Kamm in France, Claus Preisinger, Alex & Maria Koppitsch and Sepp & Maria Muster in Austria, Bianka & Daniel Schmitt, Wasenhaus, Rita & Rudolf Trossen, Weingut Karl Koch, Weingut Roterfaden and more in Germany. Most of them they have visited since then.

The main motivation of Daniel and Philipp still is to explore the diverse flavours of natural wine and different approaches to winemaking in harmony with nature. The center of exchange with interested customers remains the shop in Stuttgart. At the same time, collaboration with gastronomy all over Germany has become an important part of the business activity.

Having an online offering and being able to offer wines to a wider circle of customers was an obvious next step.