kleines gut

kleines gut is a young winery in Uhlbach, a district of Stuttgart. This is what Frederike and Daniel say about their work:

We farm gently and easy. We’re proud and happy to the soils of our family. We like it to be free, lively and diverse. Biodiversity is our most powerful workmate. Weeds play their part in building soil fertility and in balancing the biological community. We don’t want to destroy the insect and plant communities in our vineyards by heavy machines, tillage, deadly chemicals and fertilizers. Healthy soils and strong plants are more important for us than “stylish and clean” vineyards. We try to establish a balanced vineyard-ecosystem. When nature is pushing in summer, when it comes to harvest in fall, it wouldn’t work without the great help of our family and friends

Our packaging is naked and reduced to the essentials like our wines. It is designed to have a small ecological footprint. Light bottles, fsc-certified paper, bio-based binding agents for labels, corks and tapes.

Our winemaking is low-tech and high-instinctive. Equally simple and difficult. We harvest the grapes by hand, we’re mashing the whole-bunch grapes in vats by feet, we press the grapes gentle and slow with an old press. The wines ferment on their indigenous mother yeasts and age exclusively in old oak barrels. Our 1546-build vaulted cellar is a calm and sheltering home for our wines and barrels. After 12 to 18 months in oak barrels (225l–500l) the wines are filled into bottles by gravity. In exceptional cases of need we add tiny amounts of sulfur to the mash before fermentation or to the wine before filling (10–20mg/l). Except of that we’ll never add anything to our wines but grapes and love.

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