Kemker Kultuur

Kemker Kultuur
Jan Kemker &  Nicole Marzec
Münsterland, Germany

Kemker Kultuur is located on a farm in the village of Alverskirchen, 15 kilometres from Münster in western Germany. Jan and Nicole work here in a converted barn, making beer, cider and fruit wines within a growing community of family businesses and farmers. 

Jan began making beer in 2017 and introduced cider one year later. Originally he wanted to follow in his parents’ footsteps as an ornamental gardener but his plans changed and, after studying agriculture and food business, he began brewing. In 2019, Nicole became a fundamental part of Kemker Kultuur, as Jan’s partner in both life and work. 

Fruit is handpicked and fermentation starts with wild yeasts – meaning the yeast already present on the skin of the fruits. Local microflora are also sometimes used to encourage fermentation, such as elderflowers which are well-stocked with natural yeast.

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