Wermoutte batch #7

Wein Goutte

€34,00 €45,33 / l
Producer: Wein Goutte

Country: Germany
Region: Franken
Grape variety: grapes, herbs and flowers
Alcohol by volume: 10,5%
Bottle size: 0,75 l
Sulfur: minimal dose added pre-bottling, <20 mg total

This batch is the first release of vermouth since Emily and Christoph moved from Austria to Germany, made from their own white wine, schnapps, herbs and flowers. Only the highest quality ingredients are used.

Upon settling in Franconia, one of the first things Emily and Christoph started working on was bringing a large garden to life. In a field next to a barn, they now cultivate 700 m2 of vegetables and fruit, alongside aromatic and medicinal herbs. In this garden they grow the majority of the herbs found in the vermouth. From the many plants already growing in the area - such as lemon balm, sage, lavender, and numerous elderberry trees - they picked a selection of blossom and flowers.

As with previous vermouths they have made, batch #7 captures the passing seasons. Over the course of a year, various herbs and flowers are macerated in a blend of wine and schnapps, carefully removed, and replaced by others. 

In spring they picked elderflower blossom, young mint, lemon balm and pimpernel. In summer they added vermouth, basil, lemon verbena, rosemary, sage, lavender, numerous flowers, and plenty of shiso.

A of this batch, the schnapps used is made on the farm: their partners own a still and produce schnapps every year. For batch #7 this was a grape distil made of Silvaner from 2021.

Wermoutte batch #7 is fragrant, complex and dense, fresh and herbal, with a drop of honey. Enjoy as an apéritif - on ice with an olive and a splash of olive juice, or with tonic water. It makes an excellent cocktail too, like a 50/50 martini made with a fragrant gin.

Storage: treat this vermouth like wine. Recork it if you don’t finish the bottle, keep it in the fridge, and drink it within a week


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