Frauenpower 2023

Vin de Lagamba

€16,00 €21,33 / l
Producer: Vin de Lagamba

Country: Germany
Region: Rheinhessen
Grape variety: Dornfelder, Silvaner
Alcohol by volume: 9,5%
Bottle size: 0,75 l
Sulphur: no addition

Frauenpower 2 is from mainly Dornfelder and some Silvaner grapes. Alanna, who is the master mind behind Frauenpower, had the idea to create a German style of Lambrusco. We visited Alanna & Marto beginning of the year. Alanna fills immediately the room with energy and lots of ideas for experimentation. That energy and power you can taste in this very lively, fresh, yet very taste red sparkling wine. The huge success of Frauenpower has a good reason, it's a perfect summer smasher and not to be missed! 

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