Alex & Maria Koppitsch

Winemaking has been in the Koppitsch family for over 500 years; a family tradition passed from generation to generation. The vineyards lie to the north of Lake Neusiedl, not far from the Austrian border with Hungary and Slovakia. Alex and Maria Koppitsch took up the torch in 2011, continuing the work of their ancestors with a clear vision: low intervention wine.

Alex and Maria farm 6,3 hectares, with 12 different grape varietals spread across 20 plots. Their underlying approach is holistic, including many of Rudolf Steiner’s principles, and their dedication to the environment is clear. In addition to farming biodynamically the couple are conscious of their packaging, using FSC certified paper for their labels and beeswax instead of paraffin to coat corks. Lightweight bottles are used to reduce CO2 emissions during transportation and the recycled cardboard boxes close without requiring tape.

Handcrafted wines made with the undivided attention of Alex and his father, Opa Leo, while Maria takes care of logistics, communication and their growing children.

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